Project overview



The immortal gene

In the midst of the hurricane behind the shopping center facades, are life. Those who live there are not visible unless you go through the alleys through the garbage. It is at the back as those belonging to the immortel gene exists and lives on. 
In the the dark, cold, wet and real world. They will live longer than the neon signs and the vendors in shopping malls. They are the survival of the fittest.

They are the immortal gene of Hong Kong.



TMC Magazine. 

Black And White band! Black And White photos! A no brainer really. 

THE MONOCHROME CHRONICLE (yes, all capitals).

It contains (you guessed it) black and white images and words from Yours Truly, all-time-fave-international-stand-up-guys-and-rock-sensations The Hives.

 The idea is to well... Discover different corners of Hive Manor; See the Hives crowd as they await their heroes; See The Hives play scrabble or enjoy a cold lager. To show off The Hives in all our motionless Black and White glory in images that may not be accessible to the average Joe/Jane, and have The Hives write a few words to go along while we’re at it. The possibilities are endless and the endless possibilities are exciting!

The only thing limiting our creativity is the fact that the page is at. 

The Monochrome Chronicle follow our heroes adventures on all the continents and cities dear to there hearts thru the lens of photographer Göran Broberg.

Malmo night

It is an idea of Malmo at night. The black, clean and quiet Malmo. The only thing you hear at night is the wind. It is often humid and dark. But if you've been there you know that it is when it is created new life. When no one hears and sees.